Today, more than half of the world population lives in cities, and according to UN reports another 200,000 people arrive each day. In the next 20 years, cities around the globe will expand by 1.5 million square kilometres and in 25 years two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. Read more


30 June 2016


The Essence 16
Jahresausstellung der Universität für angewandte Kunst

Opening: 30.06.2016 19:00

Location: Alte Post, Dominikanerbastei 11, 1010 Wien

Salah Ammo - DD Band (The Beat of Arabic Dabka & Kurdish Dilan)
Running Fetus
LPETITV (Ventil Records)
Marie (Salto Capitale) DJ-Set
Joja (V ARE) DJ-Set

Ausgewählte Arbeiten
Architektur, Art & Science, Bildende Kunst, Bühnengestaltung, Design, Industrial Design, Konservierung und Restaurierung, Lehramt, Medienkunst, Social Design, Sprachkunst, TransArts    

01.07.2016 - 15.07.2016

FOKUS 2016

22 June 2016

FOKUS 2016

Fokus Angewandte 2016

Social Design graduate students present their Master projects and are available for questions and conversations. Drop by at the Social Studio and have a look!

22.06.2016 // 12 - 18h // Wien Mitte - The Mall

Download the orientation plan here

Social Design Alumni Series #6 with Nisrine Boukhari

8 June 2016

Social Design Alumni Series #6 with Nisrine Boukhari

Social Design Alumni Series #6 
- long drinks & long discussions-

"When the mind wanders" with Nisrine Boukhari

June 8th, 2016, 6pm
Location: Social Design Studio

“If you have an equation with No solution where there is no value of X that ever could make it true, then this equation has no solution. ”
From the Wanderism manifesto 2015

What is the “Wanderism is State of Mind” manifest as the artist proposed it, thereby coining the term “Wanderism”? Is it a situation that has been provoked in the mind of a wanderer, or is it the sum of social, political and psychological obstacles which are affecting the mind as well as the body to be in permanent movement? And what is the brain activity of "Mind Wandering", its practices in the creative field and how does the artist/wanderer relate to it socially and artistically?

EXHIBITION // Massnahmen gegen Obdachlose

6 June 2016

EXHIBITION // Massnahmen gegen Obdachlose

Start 6. June 2016 // 16:00 // Praterstern Station // 1020 Vienna

Virginia Lui and Karolína Plášková invite you to our never-ending exhibition on deterrent designs at Praterstern Station. The exhibition booklet will guide you through major existing design strategies in the area that are intentionally implemented to deter the homeless.

More and more do we witness deterrent designs being implemented in our urban spaces to control social behavior and conduct. While understanding that a certain level of control is needed to cohabitate harmoniously, how much control is too much control? Where do we find a balance between individual freedom on one end and excessive control on the other.

The exhibition booklet is avaible for download in english and german language.

Learn more about the exhibition here:

mobile_stories // Aktivitäten Teilen #5

2 June 2016

mobile_stories // Aktivitäten Teilen #5


Workshop with Daniel Aschwanden and Conny Zenk.

Sounds, images and social media programs saved on smart phones serve as material for artistic reflexion. A transdisciplinary, public practice, that aims at adding new impulses to the current discourses of integration and the mediation of democratic values by using artistic means.

June 2nd, 12-16h
Free of charge!

The workshop is part of the series "Shared Activities" by studio Social Design (University of Applied Arts) in collaboration with TBA21/ Green Light project.

FOKUS WEEK #3 Radical  Housing

1 June 2016

FOKUS WEEK #3 Radical Housing

Join us for Social Design FOKUS WEEK #3


Location: The Mall - Wien Mitte, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 1b, 1030 Vienna

Hosted by Christina Schraml (content and curatorial concept)
with support by Brigitte Felderer (co-thinking) and Martin Färber (design)

The focus week on RADICAL HOUSING explores alternative approaches to housing developed bottom-up and along the lines of self-empowerment, affordability and solidarity. For this purpose, a living room will be installed at the shopping mall Wien Mitte for an entire week. The installation seeks to promote the importance and value of the right to housing. It features international students of the Social Design studio, various key activists and experts, case studies in the (alternative) housing debate, and anyone who would like to exchange experiences and discuss the notion of “RADICAL HOUSING”.

Programme in German.

Programme in English.

 Further information and regular updates in the programme available here.

Chess Unlimited / Aktivitäten Teilen #4

29 May 2016

Chess Unlimited / Aktivitäten Teilen #4

Chess Unlimited - Open Chess Tournament

Have you ever played chess in Beijing, Damascus or New York? 

Chess is played by the same set of rules worldwide. This makes chess a universal language that can overcome barriers of origin, age, gender, class, religion, culture etc. 

Chess players from all levels and countries are welcome to join!

Opening words by Kineke Mulder (chess player, organization) and Michael Ehn (chess journalist and historian) 

Referee: Mag. Christian Srienz
No Entry Fee! 
Prices for the three first placed & small gifts for all participants!

Entry/ Registration: 12- 12:45h
Tournament: 13-19h
Registrations to:

Chess Unlimited is part of the "Shared Activities"-  series by Studio Social Design (University of Applied Arts) in collaboration with TBA21/ Green Light project.

Photo by Eigenberg Fotografie

Social Design Alumni Series #5 with Frida Robles

25 May 2016

Social Design Alumni Series #5 with Frida Robles

- long drinks and long discussions-


25th of May 2016, 6pm
Location: Social Design Studio

Scriveners are the professionals that write letters or documents for legal purposes, or for people who cannot read or write. Mexico City still maintains this dying tradition and a community of approximately 40 scriveners goes to work every day at the arcades of the Santo Domingo public square. Being a temporary scrivener was a nostalgic act for me and, as well, a means to have a direct interaction with passers-by. The scrivener writes in the public space and his or her writing is affected by the other, the client.

As the philosopher Alain Badiou states, love must be reinvented, but more importantly, it must be protected, because it is threatened by many fronts. Mexico, as many other parts of the world, is currently experiencing alarming social situations where violence and gore showmanship are the currency of exchange for public discourse. What then can be elaborated from a public and written call to reflect on our ideas about love? Is love something more than the "romantic"? Can we think of love as a daily action? As a social setting? As a conscious act?

(c) Photo by Daniela Whaley



22 May 2016





Location: TBA21, Augarten

Join us for the Politics of Fear Picknick – a participatory public intervention hosted by the Social Design department (University of Applied Arts Vienna). The project encourages public debate on the subject of (constructed) fears and (feelings of)(un-)certainty in public space in order to expoe and deconsruct the mechanisms by which fear is generated.

Social Design goes Kinderuni Kunst - Kreativwoche

17 May 2016

Social Design goes Kinderuni Kunst - Kreativwoche

Social Design goes Kinderuni Kunst mit zwei Workshops 04-08. Juli 2016

Anmeldungen und nähere Infos unter

PICTIONARY VON KIDS FÜR KIDS 04.-06.07.2016 Team: LaSchandre Coetzee, Michel Gölz, Virginia Lui

Malst und zeichnest du gerne? Komm zu unserem Workshop und wir designen zusammen mit dir und deinen Freunden ein ganzes Buch (Pictionary) zum Anmalen! Wolltest du schon immer einmal ein Buch selbst gestalten? Das kannst du jetzt machen! In unserem Workshop entwerfen wir gemeinsam ein Pictionary, das Kinder im Alter von 5-10 Jahren dabei unterstützen soll, Deutsch und Englisch zu lernen. Komm, mach mit und lass uns sehen, wohin unsere Kreativität uns führt. Das fertige Buch wird publiziert und kommt Flüchtlingskindern zugute.

DAS STADTSPIEL 4.-05.07.2016 Team: Brigitte Felderer, Sebastian Kraner, Milly Reid, Christina Schraml

Wir spielen mit der Stadt Du verwandelst Orte der Stadt (je nach Wetter: an der Ringstraße oder in THE MALL) in „Spielplät- ze“. Wir überlegen uns kleine und geheime Botschaften, Gegen- stände, Überraschungen, die wir im öffentlichen Raum für andere Kinder verstecken. Wir gehen der Frage auf den Grund, ob die Stadt auch für Kinder gemacht ist und lassen uns freche Möglichkeiten einfallen, mit der Stadt zu spielen.

Final presentation of the projects 8.07.2016, 2pm at Stubenring 3.

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