Social Design Reader #4 - HOW TO MAKE: A PORTFOLIO

Visual Guide by Maria Kanzler / based on a lecture held by Brigitte Felderer and Anna Vasof

Social Design Reader #4 - HOW TO MAKE: A PORTFOLIO
(c) Maria Kanzler

As design students we are constantly confronted with the unspeakable task – creating our own portfolio. It starts with applications for degrees and internships, continues with awards and summer schools and does not stop with the first jobs, each time beautifully designed of course.

In the master programme of Social Design students from all disciplines come together. Many of us have never had anything to do with design before, which is why a separate course is dedicated to portfolio design. Brigitte Felderer and Anna Vasof showed us the importance of portfolios in a witty, astute and even more contradictory way. I could not resist translating this instructive seminar in pictures and putting them on paper.

The result is this booklet filled with sketchy illustrations (created during the seminar), the corresponding memoirs and a lot of self-irony that puts the art of portfolio making in a nutshell.

Maria Kanzler

© Maria Kanzler


© Maria Kanzler


Department Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation, University of Applied Arts Vienna