Students’ FAQ

This is a selection of important questions that might come up. They are based on the experiences and needs of former students, when they first arrived to Vienna!




Registration at the Student and Academic Affairs / Studienabteilung

Here you do the registration, grades, credits... all the official university documents you may need for other things.
Ground floor _ Main Building
Mon–Fri 9:00 am – 12:00 noon


The HUFAK (the student union)

They are at the floor level in main building
(Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2 or Stubenring 3)
TEL 0043 1 711 33 2270
MAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mon–Fri, 10–13 Uhr


To rent books?

Main library: at the main building of the University of Applied Arts 2nd floor.
A really nice reading room (there is a wide range of magazines and films to rent): 1st floor.
You can check online if they have what you are looking for:
Library online


How to join other classes at the Angewandte?

There are other institutes and a really nice variety of courses, if you have the time, try to join other classes! It is completely worth it!
Check for other classes here

In order to do join, you should write an email (or go in person) and talk to the professor holding the class. If you do it at the beginning of the semester it is much better.


German courses:

The Hufak organizes every semester german courses.
The link to the WS2020 is not yet posted, but this is the old one: German courses



There are many sports at the Sports Institut of all universities and you can register and join a class for the semester... Generally it is very cheap!




Living in Vienna

What is a WG?
WG means "rooms in shared flats", flat sharing.
Common websites to look for a WG:
ÖH Wohnungsbörse (Housing exchange of the Austrian Students'Union)


Where can I buy second hand things, good prices?

Willhaben (it is a website where you can buy, sell and find any sorts of things (bicycles, washing machines, books, furniture, cloth, etc.)
Caritas (second hand shop): Mittersteig 10, 1050 Wien
Arge (second hand shop): Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 31-35, 1160 Wien


Public Transportation

Vienna has a good transport system with buses, trams, underground and municipal trains that run from about 05.30 to around midnight. There are also night buses (“NightLine”). If you intend to use public transportation regularly, you can buy a semester ticket or a year ticket.

Student Semester ticket 
(Valid on all public transport in Vienna)

Valid for the period of one semester: 75€ (under 26)
Winter semester from 1 September to 31 January
Summer semester from 1 February to 30 June
You will need:
To be under 26 years old
Valid confirmation of enrolment for the university
Get the semester ticket here!

Year Card / Jahreskarte
(for those older than 26):

365 days, every day 1 euro / 365 Tage mobil, für 1 Euro pro Tag.
Get the yearly ticket here! 

Bureaucratic stuff that no one tells you about and you have to find out on your own:

Meldezettel: you will hear this word a lot. It is the Residence Registration. Once in Austria, you have to register with the Vienna City Administration. This is done by filling in a registration form (find it here online) and submitting it to the district you live in (Bezirk). Before leaving Austria, you are required to cancel this registration.


Looking for a Job


Further information and useful links

Guide to entry and residence requirements for foreign students
Download the info sheet here!

International office website of the Wien University with very useful information about

Entry into Austria/Visa/Insurance, Accommodation, Arrival in Vienna/Orientation, Living in Vienna, etc...
Get the most essential infos for when you arrive!

English guide with useful information on moving, living, working in Vienna
English Info!

Federal Government‘s official information website on migration to Austria
Official info on migration!

HELP-Service for Foreign Citizens (Working, Education, Emergencies, etc.)
Government Help Service!