Opening Up for Circular Change

Klaus Kodydek, Eva Maria Mair, Clara Rosa Rindler-Schantl

Opening up for Circular Change dealt with the deconstruction and Re-Use of materials in the city development of Vienna, identifying constraints and demands towards a Circular Economy. By confronting main actors of a potential circle with the need to overcome the existing ‘business as usual’ and creating a shared context, a basis for long-term exchange was set.

We grew up in an age, in which the belief of the infinity of resources was upset. While to some extent, the idea of keeping resources in use receives new attention in today’s society, overcoming the ‘business as usual’ in urban development processes and the building industry seems quite challenging.
After working over one year in the context of big development projects in Vienna, dealing with deconstruction and re-use of resources, and observing the status quo at different relevant conferences, stakeholder workshops and other events, the need to shift the debate and make first steps towards a Circular Change happen more often was immanent.
The topic itself being still at an early stage in Austria, Opening up for Circular Change confronts 42 key-players in the building sector ranging from developers and architects, policy makers and influencers to materials resellers, identifying obstacles and demands in view of a Circular Economy. Meeting these people located at different positions in a potential circle at their workplaces, potential steps to take were elaborated. Through the discussions, a collection showing the perspectives, visions and controversies in the discourse on Circular Economy has emerged. The collection, resulting in a book, provides a context for creating better communication in the long term. It intends to serve as a first basis for ‘opening up doors’ as well as a foundation for mutual understanding and personal exchange.