U2 Turnover

Karolína Plášková

U2 Turnover project shows two different areas in inverted positions along the U2 metro line.


Drawings I, Karolína Plášková, 2017


Drawings II, Karolína Plášková, 2017


“U2 Turnover” is an artistic project in the Viennese 2nd district (between the Krieau station and Stadion), characterised by the contrast between recent urban development and existing housing structure. U2 metro, which triggered the process of development, creates a barrier between both sides.

Twenty-five objects were chosen from both parts and turned over the metro line and displayed in its new position with a lantern. Every lantern includes a drawing of the object, description and QR-code providing connection to the accompanying website. At the metro stations (Krieau and Stadion), as well as in other (semi-)public spaces, flyers with a map and explanation of the project were spread.

Map of exchanged objects and lanterns, Karolína Plášková, 2017


The objective of the project is to present one side in the another, and so to prepare new encounters for users of the area. They can rethink the area and the relationship of the two sides. It aims to trigger awareness and bring attention to further activities in the area.

WS 2016
Karolina Plaškova