Café Namsa

Julia Wohlfahrt

Café Namsa is a social business that helps refugees access the labour market by offering temporary jobs.


„Silkscreen printing for the Café“, Lukas von Berg, 2017.


When granted asylum in Austria, refugees are equal in all rights to Austrian citizens and thus have access to the european labourmarket. In reality this imposes a problem because of professional or cultural reasons. Café Namsa is a social business that aims to help refugees access the Austrian labour market by offering temporary employment accompanied by specific on site trainings in an welcoming environment.

The active involvement of refugees and the local community in the space of Café Namsa provide a sustainable effort to tackle the issues of the simultaneous integration to the labour market and society.

The strengthened self-efficacy of the employees not only creates perspectives for themselves and their families but also gives impulses to others, knowing that a cooperative living together is possible.

The project was awarded with the prize of the Austrian social business call and the deloitte future fund.


„The mobile version of Café Namsa“, Julia Wohlfahrt, 2017


WS 2016
Julia Wohlfahrt and external partners