Wagon Wide Web

Anne Zühlke, Lukas Weidhas, Magdalena Hubauer, Helen Schneider, Sebastian v. d. Thannen

In a transnational train art gallery between Bratislava and Vienna Magdalena Hubauer, Lukas Weithas and Anne Zühlke focused on commuter’s motifs in order to show appreciation for their experiences and knowledge of travelling, making them accessible and sharable through a digital and participative artwork.

Constant travelling across national borders causes a special way of habitus and socio-economic relations. The artistic contribution WAGON WIDE WEB is dedicated to those train travelers. Who are these people? What causes the regular crossing of national borders? What is the meaning of the time spent on the train to the commuters? The project WAGON WIDE WEB creates a virtual railway wagon in form of a website. The project team designed a digital platform with a bird's-eye view on the wagon (44 seats and an attached bicycle storage area). The WAGON WIDE WEB serves as a digital layer doubling the real wagon. Passengers can localize themselves and track or continue the history of their seat postings by commenting on provided audio features or sharing their own content in the form of voicemails, texts or photos. Stories of commuters can be heard, seen and shared there. From the 20th of June till the end of November, the WAGON WIDE WEB will be accessible for travelers during the project period via an intranet that can only be used and accessed from within the wagon. The result is an archive of commuting, which is constantly growing and changing, to be evaluated after the project.

SS 2018
Vienna – Bratislava
Anne Zühlke
Lukas Weidhas
Magdalena Hubauer
Helen Schneider
Sebastian v. d. Thannen