The Invisibles

Mariya Tsaneva, Julia Rosoklija

“The Invisibles” aims to show the lack of clarity within the decision-making processes of institutions with regard to undocumented Roma people in Bulgaria and Macedonia, as well as the point of view of the people concerned. The case of the undocumented person is a test of our understanding of human rights, if not of humanity itself.

With our project, we wanted to understand why and how the issue of undocumented persons exists, and how it is tackled. It is about learning through the process and bringing knowledge to others.

Through a performative dialogue we want to guide the audience through our process and publicly display the issues regarding the topic. With a video and conducted interviews displayed in it, we explored what people associate with “invisibility” besides being undocumented. The video is a collection of dreamy, open but also practical associations, which are in contrast to the real world and the dimensions of the real situation. Without context people connect invisibility with their inner world but still also with the surroundings they live in and their everyday lives. This video poses hidden questions around the topic: How do these invisible people influence our lives? How does the state fail to solve this issue? Do we want to change this? How can people use invisibility to their advantage? What would change in people’s lives if they were invisible?

© Zoran Sekerov


© Julijana Rosoklija


© Zoran Sekerov


Winter Semester 2017
Mariya Tsaneva
Julia Rosoklija