The Ground Tour - Some Call Them Balkans

Milly Reid, Enrico Tomassini, Klelija Zivkovic, Marianna Landi, Laurin Lorenz, Peter Lorenz

Composed of over 50 voices from the region, this travelling theatre piece takes you on a journey through 6 characters of the Balkans.

With ‘Some Call Them Balkans’, The Ground Tour Project calls for actors and actions to develop the next Ground Tour (#1) which sets out across the Balkans in 2018/19. ‘Some Call Them Balkans’ is essentially an open script composed of over 50 voices from different areas of the region. The quality of openness is made by its narrative that allows for many points of departure to be imagined. The open script tells the stories of 6 characters that describe parts of the Balkans originating from, but not limited to, the places, people, and phenomena that The Ground Tour Project team encountered during its research trip to the region in summer 2017. In the next phase, individual and collective actors are invited to embark on the co-production of a travelling theatre piece, and thereby create a frame for the proceeding Ground Tour #1. Altogether, the project aims to produce the dramaturgy of a tour that will unravel as co-created stories of imagination, taking place somewhere between 6 Balkan urban localities: Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje, Tirana, Pristina, and Mostar.

Winter 2017/18
Milly Reid
Enrico Tomassini
Klelija Zivkovic
Marianna Landi
Laurin Lorenz
Peter Lorenz