Que Chi Trinh, Michel Gölz

The project developed from an investigation of how to communicate post-mortem organ donation with students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to a campaign that calls upon the young educated generation to make an individual decision about donation. Organ transplantation is a modern technical invention that needs modern languages and contemporary symbolisms to communicate its challenges and must negotiate them within traditional culture. Donation is communicated as a new rite of independence, as innovative and radical as backpacking, which is a signaling trend in contemporary youth culture. This desire and opportunity for adventurous traveling in many young people is unknown to the older generation.

Design Tools in style of travel tickets and maps, are titling 'a different journey of life'. They invite sharing of perspectives about donation with someone, either directly or online under #tiepnoihanhtrinh, where also professionals in the field enter the conversation.


(c) Julijana Rosoklija


(c) Julijana Rosoklija


(c) Michel Gölz


(c) Que Chi Trinh


Que Chi Trinh
Michel Gölz