The Global Pandemic as a Magnifier

A Series of Psychological Perspectives on the Corona Crisis

With the professional support of the psychologist Maria Färber-Singer the Social Design Studio continued a series of sessions to reflect on the social and psychological effects of the pandemic and the associated lockdown of social life. 

The appearance of the coronavirus became a magnifier not only for the economic systems and weaknesses of a progressing globalization, but also for societal imbalances. Where it was already tight before, it became even tighter – in terms of space, finances or social networks providing support.

Stuck in small apartments or student homes, being thrown into and out of precarious job conditions, living in fear of infection, isolated, enduring the demanded social distancing, living with restricted freedoms of movement in public space, following media reports on death statistics, coping with university closures, shifting social contacts and communication to the online world etc. – these are just a few examples of possible effects of the corona crisis associated with elevated rates of stress and anxiety.

As the pandemic keeps sweeping across the world and personal freedoms are still resting on unsound footing, psychologists are warning of possible long-term effects on the mental health of the general population as the entire crisis is causing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in a population at large. The Social Design Studio initiated a series of online sessions together with psychologists Maria Färber-Singer and Karin Schraml to learn about strategies of how to adjust to challenging, stressful times and get beyond a “new normal” life.

Following up the first meetings in spring 2020, the studio set up a new series of sessions, when new restrictions and hard lockdowns determined our lives again in autumn. Meetings in the group provided common tools for collective concerns, while individual support meetings opened up space for personal reflections and needs of us as social animals in challenging times.

DR. MARIA FÄRBER-SINGER is a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, author, and coach.

DR. KARIN SCHRAML is a clinical, health and work psychologist with a PhD from Stockholm University

Organized by

Martin Färber