Que Chi Trinh, Michel Gölz

Using playful haptic experience, we imagine transferal of ‘personal’ organs to a new organism.

Led by a common interest in the medical system and attitudes towards our bodies, Que Chi Trinh and Michel Gölz joined forces for this project. Cross-cultural research and interviews with doctors and affected people in Vietnam and Austria opened into a situated understandingof how culture and economies are inscribed in attitudes towards organ donation. AtKunsthaus Wien, the team used a body figure as a basis for the exchange of views – learning about complexities and opportunities with the visitors during a working residency. Speaking, and being able to decide about the fate and future of our organs bears an emancipatory potential. Organ- imitations from soft material were fabricated and performatively employed to illustrate individual projections of what is going to happen to the body when, and if, braindead. Also, they are used in interactions with Vietnamese youths- experimenting with ways of speaking of legal donation in a culture often thought to respond negatively to this idea.


Performative Research at Kunsthaus Wien, Que Chi Trinh, 05.2017

Gelatine Heart, Michel Gölz, 26.06.2017

Studio Presentation, Ruth Mateus-Berr, 26.06.2017 (2)


summer semester 2017
Que Chi Trinh
Michel Gölz