Lost and Found - Perspective on resources

Klaus Kodydek; Maria Tsaneva; Nathalia Portella

The ‘Nordbahnhof' area represented as collection of “in situ” and “ex situ” resources.

The area around the former ‘Nordbahnhof’railway station has been neglected and taken by nature over the years but is now one of Vienna’s biggest inner city development areas. Facing the drastic changes the Architekturzentrum Wien launched the Care+Repair initiative in which Social Design was invited to develop prototypes.

Based on an in-depth four months researchthe site specific storytelling and its potential to implement used material in the new constructionswererevealedas relevant local resources.

Over two workshop weeks together with an interdisciplinary group of volunteers the Teammanaged to delineate and highlight the future building line, offering alsoa guided walk. Simultaneously they scouted used materials shops for valuable resources for the future development. The research on “in-situ” and “ex-situ” resources resulted in an exhibition presenting the valuable current use of the space combined with examples of how material flow can be implemented in the new construction.

01 / “The line representing the boundaries of the upcoming constructions”, Aki Lee, 2017

02 / “Exhibition for the Care+Repair framework by AzW at Nordbahn-Halle .1”,Aki Lee, 2017

03 / “Exhibition for the Care+Repair framework by AzW at Nordbahn-Halle .2”, Aki Lee, 2017

04 / “Concrete element provided by the Harvest Map”,Susanne Kober, 2017

05 / “Visit to ‘AlteBaustoffe’ (used materials shop)”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

06 / “Visit to ‘Antik Stein’ (used materials shop)”, ManonPortera, 2017

07 / “Drawing the line .1”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

08 / “Drawing the line .2”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

09 / “Drawing the line .3”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

10 / “Drawing the line .4”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

11 / “The old bridge”, Aki Lee, 2017

12 / “The former coal slide”, Aki Lee, 2017

13 / “The water tower”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

14 / “The old tunnels”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

15 / “Under the old bridge”, Nathalia Portella, 2017

16 / “Cleaning the skater’s park”, Aki Lee, 2017

17 / “Team members”, Aki Lee, 2017


WS 2016
Core team: Klaus Kodydek; Maria Tsaneva; Nathalia Portella Cooperation partner: Renaud Hearlingen from Rotor Lost and Found Team: Renaud Haerlingen
Brigitte Felderer
Maria Tsaneva
Nathalia Portella
Klaus Kodydek
Martin Röck
Stephan Trimmel
Susanne Kober
Fabia Wolfsteiner
Daniela Moosbauer
Aki Lee
Mostafa Savari
Rosa Schwarz
Martin Färber
Violet Kim
Enrico Tomassini
Matthias Testa
Eric Klaering
Que Chi Trinh
Asia Valencic
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