Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten

Aki Lee, Dahyun Violet Kim, Julijana Rosoklija

"Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten" is a project, which tackles infrastructural, social issues in Vienna's 10th district. This project is intended to reclaim stereotypes about Favoriten, to reevaluate the common ground, to give residents of Favoriten a voice and open up a dialogue about underestimated structures. Thus we want to provide new perspectives through a guide book and a series of documentaries.

Vienna is subdivided into 23 districts, each of them is popular with its own social structure and cultural character. Nevertheless, there are several districts which are repsented with negative stereotyped images, e.g. Favoriten. Therefore we want to show and make people in Vienna aware of, or rather more interested in the district, through our project "Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten".

A tour guide, as a satirical but also critical publication, showing Favoriten as a place worth visiting, seeing, living in: This booklet should serve as a proper tool to be used when visiting the 10th district, showing places, spaces and people worth meeting. Another highly important aspect of the guide is its presentation of results from our research about Favoriten. A series of documentaries contain footage of urban spaces, the neighbourhoods, traffic, everyday life and the dynamics of it, as well as vocal recordings of local residents. The visual of this series serve as our own "eye", as our perception of the surrounding and all its contents, structural and social.



(c) Aki Lee 2017



Aki Lee
Dahyung Violet Kim
Julijana Rosoklija