Dear Architects…

Karolína Plášková

The exhibition “Dear Architects...” shows contributions by 33 individuals or collectives to the discussion.

The exhibition “Dear architects...” [Drazíarchitekti...] attempts to trigger a discussion about the role of an architect in current society – how it is understood by architects themselves, but also other professionals researching on societal and environmental issues (such as geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, art historians, philosophers, artists etc.).

The objective of the exhibition is to present a broad spectrum of opinions therefore 183 people were approached and offered the possibility to contribute. What role should architects play in the current society? What are the things we should be talking about and we are not talking about?

The exhibition took place in the Gallery of Architecture Brno in June 2017. Part of the exhibition was a reader’s corner with a library filled with related literature based on contributors’ recommendations. The exhibition was accompanied by two discussions. The exhibition is a beginning of a larger long-term project.

02 opening, Martin Vlček, 2017


03 exhibition, Martin Vlček, 2017


04 discussion, Martin Vlček, 2017


SS 2017
Brno Gallery of Architecture
Karolína Plášková