Late Breakfast with Doringer

Lectures series in cooperation with Site Specific Art

Late Breakfast with Doringer was a five-part series with artist, researcher, curator Bogomir Doringer and special guests. Each episode looked into diverse artistic practices examining the role of the body in times of pandemic and challenges that we are facing. How can we reinvent the way we gather and practice movement and activism in times of COVID-19? The collective and individual body are supported with knowledge from dance culture and various new technologies that artists work with. Shared practices are an open invitation for students for further use.


These events are a cooperation of two departments of the University of Applied Arts: Site-Specific Art and Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation. The Artists-in-Residence program of Q21 Vienna at MuseumsQuartier Vienna hosted the participating artists:

PAULA STRUNDEN explores VR’s potential beyond its visual territory and explains how mixed reality objects can trigger an embodied cognition of being present at once in physical and digital reality.

TOOLS FOR ACTION + FLOOR is a collaboration between the Dutch-Hungarian visual artist Artúr van Balen, founder of Tools for Action and the Dutch choreographer Floor van Leeuwen. Since 2020 they have done participatory projects on the intersection of visual art, performance and activism.

AESTHETICS OF EXCLUSION is a collective of artists, designers, coders, and scientists who use computer vision techniques and machine learning to explore and to analyse aesthetical styles related to gentrification and processes of (urban) homogenisation through extensive image archives such as (Google) StreetView and Instagram.

COLECTIVO LASTESIS is an artistic, interdisciplinary and feminist women’s collective from Valparaíso, Chile. The collective is dedicated to disseminating feminist theory through performance, specifically through an interdisciplinary language that combines the performing arts, sound, graphic and textile design, history, and social sciences. They are also the creators of the performance Un violador en tu camino (A Rapist in Your Path), replicated in more than 50 countries.

ALI ESLAMI uses VR as a medium to imagine and create radical forms of space, time, and bodies. In this talk, Ali unpacks the thought process behind making ‘False Mirror’, a long-term research project speculating a growing world where humans (or post-humans) live an utterly virtual life.

Lectures series in cooperation with Site Specific Art

Summer Semester 20/21