Kinderuni Kunst Kreativwoche

Christina Schraml

The Social Design Studio participated for the second and third time at the annual children's art university and creative week in 2017 and 2018. We were offering workshops for kids, ranging from the age of eight to fourteen years, to engage with characteristic topcis addressed and typical methods applied at our department.

The Kinderuni Kunst Kreativwoche (children’s art university and creative week), which takes place each year during the first week of school holidays, is offering creative workshops for kids. For the third time, we are using this opportunity to work closely together with children, share our perspectives, skills and knowledge on Social Design topics and learn from one another.

Social Design workshops 2017

In the workshop “Im Wunderstadtpark” (2017) we spent two days as explorers at Stadtpark. We marked our favorite and hidden spots and developed ideas on what an ideal playground for children should look like.

Everything revolved around the topic of change in the workshop “Veränderung – wie entwickelt sich die Welt?”(2017). Participants conducted experiments with different materials and generated art works inspired by the topic of “change”.

In “Heldinnen und Helden” (2017) we developed exciting story lines about everyday heroines and heroes in the city, which formed the basis for our subsequent intervention: we designed our own shadow puppets and performed our heroic stories.

Social Design workshops 2018

Who owns the city? The workshop “Stadt der Kinder” (2018) explored Vienna through the eyes of kids. We asked whether Vienna is really made for children and created miniature replicas of different places in the city. We appropriated them by making them into our puppet theatre.

The workshop “Die Zauberflöte” invited children to develop exciting stories and build matching DIY-instruments. Various techniques of how to re-use material, which is usually considered waste, were introduced.

In the workshop “Wohnorte für Kinder” (2018) kids took on the role of city mayors, architects and designers: Collages of fantasy buildings meeting the wishes of children, entire neighborhoods and the city of our dreams were created.

Our world is turning like a big ball in outer space, colorful and unique with all its different countries, languages and cultures. But what is missing or should be changed? In “Schöne neue Welt” participants built a new world together according to the imagination of children.

July 2017 and 2018
Nathalia Da Silva Portella
Jana Alaraj
Rosie Benn
Michel Gölz
Dahyun Kim
Anna Lerchbaumer
Virginia Lui
Pavel Naydenov
Gabriela Reyes
Julijana Rosoklija
Bana Sa`adeh
Que Chi Trinh
Mariya Tsaneva
Zuzanna Zajac
supported by Christina Schraml