Introductory Theory Winter 2017/18

Brigitte Felderer, Christina Schraml

THE RIGHT TO THE CITY: What right? Whose right? What city? And how to exercise it collectively?

with Brigitte Felderer und Christina Schraml


„The right to the city is not merely a right of access to what already exists, but a right to change it.“ (David Harvey)*

In this course we will reflect on ourcommon right to access, reclaim, use, shape and (re-)make the city and our urban surroundings. Key figures and positions in the right to the cityand urban commonsdebate, ranging from henri lefebvre to contemporary voices and activists will be introduced and discussed.The input will be complemented by guests, movies and on-site visits.

*Harvey, David. (2003) “The right to the city”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research27 (4), 939.



I. Wednesday, 04.10.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Social Design Studio (Heumarkt 4, 1030 Wien)

Your perspective on a collective understanding of what the city is. - What is (not) urban? Personal examples from your home cities.

II. Wednesday, 18.10.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Social Design Studio (Heumarkt 4, 1030 Wien)

The Power of Theory in Social Design - Introduction to Critical Urban Theory

III. Wednesday, 25.10.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Social Design Studio (Heumarkt 4, 1030 Wien)

Public Space as Backbone of Democracy – How to read it? How to claim it?

IV. Wednesday, 08.11.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Social Design Studio

Social Design is Invisible

V. Wednesday, 22.11.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Planquadrat Park

Excursion to Planquadrat Park – Reality Check in Vienna’s History

VI. Wednesday, 13.12.2017 // 14.00-17.30 // Social Design Studio (Heumarkt 4, 1030 Wien)

Urban Commons – the Costs of Sharing

VII. Wednesday, 17.01.2018 // 14.00-17.30 // Location to be announced


Grande Finale - Public Presentation of Curated Projects


Requirements / Output
- Regular attendance, active participation, preparation of texts
- Presentation of curated projects and contribution to the final output


Additional Information

A copy of texts will be provided in the first session.


Course Registration

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Institut für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Social Design
Seminar (SE), 1.0 SemStd., LV-Nr. S00778





Winter Term 2017
Social Design Studio (Am Heumarkt 4
1030 Wien)
Brigitte Felderer
Christina Schraml