Inevitable Gamble

Mariya Tsaneva and Zuzanna Zajac

Globalization is a worldwide phenomenon, opening up a world of opportunities in terms of jobs, networking, and freedom of movement, but in small island countries like Malta it is also the source of experiencing an emerging sense of shortage of space. The project is representing the changing environment and living conditions of Malta as a visual and sensory experience.

Malta is an island country located in the Mediterranean Sea with an area of 316 km2 and a population of almost half a million. It is considered one of the top countries in Europe, with the highest growth in GDP (Gross domestic product) in 2019 that is creating favourable conditions for Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, gambling, betting, IT, and technological development. This globalization process is resulting in immediate effects on the political, social and environmental situation of this small island country. The project is translating these changes into a sensory installation, which evokes the feelings that were observed in the residents of Malta during field research.

The main conclusions of the project are that the current economic developments of the island bring in more workers and thus more building processes to the island, turning it into a space which evokes the feeling of claustrophobia. The outcome is therefore a portable installation in the form of a cardboard box, which combines space, light and sound. The viewer should walk into the box in which two sound speakers (transducers) are attached to create a strong bass, resonating with the material of the box itself. The sound source is a composition made by the artists using sounds, voices and recordings from the field. Nevertheless, to make the experience a holistic one, an infrared light is included, heating up the interior of the box, reflecting the warmth of Malta and adding to the claustrophobic feeling.

Mariya Tsaneva


January 2019
Mariya Tsaneva and Zuzanna Zajac