At Home in a Liminial World

Eylem Ertürk, Magdalena Hubauer, Pavel Naydenov

At Home In A Liminal World is an artistic research into the feeling of in-betweenness through the concept of liminality. Liminality describes any in-between state or space. Pointing out self-grounding in online presence, the main medium is an Instagram account sharing states of in-betweenness in own artistic creations, interviews, readings, artworks and music.

Instagram @athomeinaliminalworld

How do you deal with growing uncertainties in modern life? What strategies do you develop to ground yourself in transition? How do you build a feeling of home in times of change? Relevant to the spirit of our time, the interest in the concept of liminality derives from the experience of finding ourselves in between different places and phases. Taking a subjective position to understand these periods, brought us to the relations between societal change and psychology of an individual’s in-between.

At Home In A Liminal World revolves around the questions of how people feel in liminal states or spaces and how they deal with uncertainties in life. We share part of the artistic research in the Instagram account @athomeinaliminalworld as the main medium of the project. While trying to come close to a state of being in-between, the account also creates an online ritualistic ground to deal with our own liminality. The initial act is a 40-days ritual of sharing different aspects of in-betweenness through own artistic creations and statements, quotes from interviews and readings, references to artworks and a music list.

The project aims to highlight a sense of in-betweenness, to insert a contemporary term into everyday life and show people their own liminality. It also researches the constructive potentials of such situations both at the individual and social level to create a feeling of community in response to the chronic widespread uncertainty proliferating out of the insecurities of modern life.

June 2019
Eylem Ertürk
Magdalena Hubauer
Pavel Naydenov