Fabian Ritzi and Felix Hohmann

On three days of the Angewandte Festival, a Viennese “HOP ON HOP OFF” bus will turn into a travelling stage for artistic contributions. The city, usually serving as a screen of a narrative of “VIENNA” and being watched from the sightseeing bus, will be provided with new content in the frame of HOPE ON HOPE OFF.

© Vienna Sightseeing

“HOP ON HOP OFF” buses are present in every European city that sees itself as a tourist destination. They are an attraction and at the same time a symbol of mass tourism in cities. It is exactly this form of tourism that the Covid pandemic has brought to an abrupt halt. There is no question that post-Covid tourists will return, but for now the buses are parked in the garage. At the same time Corona has also hit the cultural scene hard; why not use the situation’s potential and combine one with the other? Apart from the obvious economic consequences, artists, musicians, writers, and actors are missing their audience and the audience is missing them. In the juxtaposition of the steady acceleration of the bus, the passing city, concerts, readings and performances, the reunion of art and audience are celebrated and the “HOP ON HOP OFF” bus as a narrative apparatus is tested for its limits.

With the support of Vienna Sightseeing


Summer Semester 20/21
Fabian Ritzi and Felix Hohmann