Sound Escapes

Frank Daubenfeld

Sound Escapes is an audio project that explores the particularities of specific public spaces which are linked to different forms of nightlife culture. Multiple audio-walks have been created upon the examination of these places, confronting the listener with a strong contrast between visual and auditive input. These audio pieces strive to turn the absence of public life and culture into a conscious and tangible experience.

The absence of cultural life, of social forms of coming together, is usually not consciously felt or made apparent. A concert on a certain evening which got cancelled will not be remembered as such, an alternative activity will serve as a placeholder and obscure the fact that another social happening could not take place. These audio-walks try to recreate or reimagine, from memories, stories and fiction alike, the atmosphere of specific places of nightlife in the city of Vienna. By connecting the audio-pieces to a choreographed walk which takes place along actual spots of urban nightlife, this performance aims to turn the absence and the vague longing for social life into a reflected and sensual memory.

Summer Semester 20/21
Frank Daubenfeld