Détours Travel Agency

Enrico Tomassini, Markus Gebhardt, Michel Gölz, Milly Reid

Détours Travel Agency conducts tours in Vienna for new arrivals in the city. Using tools such as cognitive mapping, markmaking, and storytelling, we aim to identify what is familiar and use this contexutal background as a means for entering into a spatial dialogue with the Viennese environment.


Détours Travel Agency conducts tours of urban exploration in Vienna. Its target group is people that have recently arrived in the city, and who are in a state of transition between places. We, as travel agents and equally as participants, attempt to discover places previously unknown to us all. Through the documentation of experiences and personal perspectives encountered in our city tours, we aim for this collective practice to become a methodology that fosters a familiarity and connection to the place.

The quality of being a stranger can bring a new perspective on the city.

We believe that the quality of being a stranger can bring a new perspective on the city. By sharing stories of places that each of us frequent, we want to uncover the spaces that hold a special meaning to us, and hence build up a contextual understanding of where we are and where we hope to go. This project will result in the production of an alternative travel guide, that reveals new opportunities of exploration to those who have a defined spatial routine.

Summer 2016
Enrico Tomassini
Markus Gebhardt
Michel Gölz
Milly Reid