Auslage in Arbeit - Hartberg

Clara Rosa Rindler-Schantl, Eva Maria Mair, Susanne Mariacher

Auslage in Arbeit dealt with subjective shrinkage and vacancies by looking at what’s there instead of what’s missing.

02 / “Physical Work”, Helmut Hütter, 2017

03 / “Public Rehearsal, Joachim Engel”, Eva Maria Mair, 2017


04 / “Apprentices School, relocated”, Susanne Mariacher, 2017


05 / “Zines”, Eva Maria Mair, 2017


“Auslage in Arbeit” (Display under Construction), realized in Hartberg (Styria) from February to July 2017, is aiming for visibility of what is there instead of what is missing. We implement a strategy of repurposing vacancies and dealing with dissatisfaction within the city by utilizing the hidden potential of the existing commitment of engaged citizens.

“Auslage in Arbeit” (Display under Construction) is being realized in Hartberg (Styria) from February to July 2017. Diverging developments set the base for this project: the topic of crisis, symptomized by inner city vacancies, the lack of people in the historic city centre and the negative attitude of residents towards their own town, are strongly present among the citizens. At the same time, many people of Hartberg are highly engaged in contributing to the daily cultural, social and economic life with clear visions for their city.20 Social Design Arts as Urban Innovation — semester projects

The project focuses on the visibility and appreciation of efforts and the high commitment of many of Hartberg’s residents by using vacant ground floors as a space of display. After cleaning and rearranging, regular meetings, rehearsals of cultural, music and social associations and activities of other people are resituated from their usual location to one of the vacancies using the display for interaction. With small interventions, the project sheds light on positive notions of Hartberg and allows for further interactions with its residents. Additionally, the actions contributeto a non-commercial revival of the inner city.

Summer term 2017
Clara Rosa Rindler-Schantl
Eva Maria Mair
Susanne Mariacher