Coronity Radio

Editorial team: Danny Nedkova, Susi Gutsche, Eliza Chojnacka, Leah Dorner, Brigitte Felderer

“CoronityRadio is an ongoing project that appropriates an open platform for social, political and cultural exchange. A virtual space that encourages sharing of knowledge, discussions, (un)finished artistic works and concepts – exploring cultural exchange. It opens a counter-position to the contemporary reality of social distance, complementing physical relationships. So far we hosted music and performance acts, as well as readings, discussions, games, cooking sessions and fortune telling. In addition to critical approaches the platform establishes COMMON wellbeing, leisure and fun.” (mission statement)

Our virtual space is set through Zoom with the meeting ID 455 161 7763 and password 123456 -


Everyone who wants to participate and/or host future Coronity Radio sessions contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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From March 2020 - Ongoing
Editorial team: Danny Nedkova
Susi Gutsche
Eliza Chojnacka
Leah Dorner
Brigitte Felderer // With contributions (until May 2020
in chronological order) by: Marie Luise Lehrer
DJ ANYNOTHING/minusgroundzero
Virginia Lui
Anna Vasof
Lena and Franz
Ali Hamdan
Bana Sa’adeh
Lisa Jakob
Nix Los
Nadine Weber
Burcu Bilgiç
Ceren Temel
Dilruba Erkan
Maja Renn
Roy Culbertson III
Alexis Paul/Álvaro Collao
Frida Robles
DJ flauxpas
David Stockenreiter
DJ Timo Lissy
Kerstin Türtscher
Derek Plunkie
Da Shezzl
Uncle Ben
Sophie Bösker
Silvan Hagenbrock
Sabine Jelinek
Lukas Schaller
Deborah Macauley
le loup
Greta Lauer
Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
Josef Oliver Anton Knierzinger
Veneta Androva
DJ Eagles of Def Leppard
Pavel Naydenov
Nik Hummer
Herwig Weiser
Catalin Betz
Raphael Volkmer
Enesi M.
Hyeji Nam
DJ Bushra
Misho Antadze
Hans Schmidt
Michel Gölz
Julia Wohlfahrt
Emiliya Kircheva
Ana Mumladze