Alumni Talk - Michel Gölz

Michel Gölz

In his employment for the City of Vienna, he is concerned with moments and places where urban planning and everyday life overlap. Next to his employment, he conducts projects that are artistic and activist, yet also concerned with spatial and social design. In this, he has been largely working with the Kollektiv Raumstation Wien in the past two years.

Working for the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB) means dealing with topics and content that are addressed in the Social Design Master, although a characterizing feature is its institutionalized structure. The GB is at the intersection of urban planning and residents, between the ominous “city” and people who habituate it. Next to tenancy law counseling, it conducts participation in urban renewal projects and supports resident's initiatives, among other things.

“My office in particular aims to facilitate the “growing together” of an area that includes the site of a former train station, “Nordbahnhof”, that is currently being developed as a residential area. By means of various forms of visualization and conversation, we attempt to convey an image of neighborhood in the future. The task here is to convey the idea behind the plan, but also feedback resident's concerns to the planers.” (Michel Gölz)

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Summer Semester 2020
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Michel Gölz