Bewegt Erinnern

Jessica Blank, Sally Kotter, Anna Ilona Misovicz

Historians, sociologists and social designers develop a concept for a memorial tour, conveying the history of Hungarian Jewish forced labor in Vienna 1944/45. The tour visits several sites of forced labor in the city that were researched and understood in depth also relying on survivors’ interviews. These places are often known, but not for this part of their history. 

Backstein Fassade mit Plakette
Woman reading sheets hanging in the air
Crowd of people on a street listening
A pile of documents and sheets
A women putting a candle down in front of a fence

Developing a concept of participative remembrance in which the personal approach is central and where a connection is formed between the journey in Vienna, the visited locations, the informative talks on sites, and the own perception of the visitor. Questioning our role within the commemorative culture regarding WW2 embedded in our historical context and understanding our objectives and current position in the present. The design of the tour is part of a big research project to uncover Hungarian Jewish forced labor in Vienna.

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Summer Term 2014
Cooperation project with the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) Project members: Jessica Blank
Sally Kotter
Éva Kovács
Anna Ilona Misovicz
Béla Rásky
Philipp Rohrbach