Alumni Talk - Markus Gebhardt

Markus Gebhardt

After graduating in 2018, he began working for Vienna’s largest care-provider for the elderly, where he develops projects that aim to improve the visibility and diversity of older people and he claims the evolvement of queer perspectives. Since September this year Markus sets up an art studio with an intergenerational focus. The connections between art and social engagement are fixed parts in his life and indicative for his work on a professional level.

The lecture of Markus gave an insight into intergenerational practices, the workings of municipal institutions and possibilities to conduct art-driven projects within this framework. “We spend a lot of time thinking about innovative approaches and new strategies to trigger changes in society. What we sometimes forget is how we can profit from existing structures – facilities as well as personalities.” (Markus Gebhardt)

© Markus Gebhardt


Winter Term 2019/2020
Markus Gebhardt