Alumni Talk - Klelija Zhivkovikj

Klelija Zhivkovikj

After living in Vienna, she moved to Skopje in 2017 and co-founded the platform for civic engagement through cultural and artistic practices SocioPatch. Her work focuses on applying artistic methods in the realm of urban research, civic engagement and the commons.

In her talk Klelija presented her new project: “Labor Concept Store will be a body of work that approaches labor in the arts and culture as a design problem. It explores the vocabulary, working conditions and organizational principles of the formal shapes of labor that the job market recognizes and draws a parallel to the ever-expanding selection of beautiful, overpriced and seemingly genius, yet rather useless, products sold in concept stores.”


© Klelija Zhivkovikj


Winter Term 2019/2020
Klelija Zhivkovikj