What is Corona doing to us? – A Series of Psychological Perspectives on the Corona Crisis

Maria Färber-Singer, Karin Schraml

What are the implications of the coronavirus pandemic on an individual and on society as a whole? With the professional support of the two psychologists Maria Färber-Singer and Karin Schraml, the Social Design Studio initiated a series of public talks to reflect on the social and psychological effects of the pandemic and the associated lockdown of social life.

Fear of the virus, enduring the demanded social distancing and a restricted freedom of movement in public space, following media reports on death statistics, coping with university closures, being stuck in small apartments, feeling disconnected, lonely and isolated, shifting social contacts and all communication to the online world, facing financial problems and insecure future prospects, continuously assessing whether justified protective measures or exaggerated propaganda of fear are implemented, observing a noticeable increase in xenophobia and racism in society, leading a new normal life that does not feel normal at all, etc. – these are just a few examples of possible effects of the corona crisis associated with elevated rates of stress and anxiety. As the pandemic sweeps across the world and the search for a vaccine continues, psychologists are warning of possible long-term effects on the mental health of the general population as the entire crisis is causing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in a population at large. To reflect on the implications the pandemic has (not only) on our mental health and society in general, the Social Design Studio initiated a series of online sessions in spring 2020 together with psychologists Maria Färber-Singer and Karin Schraml to learn about strategies of how to adjust to challenging, stressful times and get beyond a “new normal” life.


A talk with psychologists Maria Färber-Singer and Karin Schraml about sharing courage in times of crisis.


A follow-up talk with psychologists Maria Färber-Singer and Karin Schraml about how to meet our needs as social animals despite or especially because of challenging times.

Dr. Maria Färber-Singer is a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, author and coach. She supports persons and teams to liberate their potential and to create their life. Her tools are easy to use and highly effective. She has published two successful books on it.

Dr. Karin Schraml is a clinical, health and work psychologist with a Phd from Stockholm University. She has many years of expertise in the field of chronic stress and burnout prevention. She works with psychological counseling, therapy and coaching in creative ways and uses state-of-the-art tools from Acceptance and Commitment-therapy and Compassion focused therapy.

© Maria Färber-Singer und Karin Schraml


Spring 2020
Maria Färber-Singer
Karin Schraml