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İlkin Beste Çırak, Anna Scheer, Amelie Schlemmer, Katharina Spanlang

The Uterus Collective was using the university’s space for an embodied research of the qualities that are related to the universal experience of the uterus. We strive for a more equal and fair acknowledgement of the capacities of both our mindful thoughts and the sensing body.

Abundance is the ability to recognize the treasures around you. Abundance is the place where I feel free to fully receive and to fully give. My actions are driven by generosity towards myself and others. (Excerpt of the Dolce Laga Encyclopaedia)

The project was a journey to letting go of the conditioning of our mind and competition driven systems. Through our embodied experiences we found ways to describe various uterus-related qualities. We were searching to take our body and its sensations as guidelines and give them a voice in everyday, scientific, societal and theoretical discourses. We composed a repertoire of actions, settings and conditions, which we shared with strangers. By means of these formats, the desired qualities were rehearsed and enhanced together. They became more concrete and thus to some extent accessible and sharable. The resulting Dolce Laga Encyclopaedia is a growing collection of our voices and experiences. It is very personal and has no claim for totality, neither any desire to be complete. Rather it is organic and seeds an aspiration we hope to grow with by each individual experience.

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January 2020
İlkin Beste Çırak
Anna Scheer
Amelie Schlemmer
Katharina Spanlang