Mariya Tsaneva, Julijana Rosoklija, Violet Dayhun Kim, Gerald Cirilo Reyes

The project un.documented aims at highlighting the Roma inclusion problem through identifying the variety of misunderstandings between the civil society and government institutions trying to solve this societal problem. The project will encourage the discourse between different institutions by bridging them through an online platform.

The project looks at the Roma inclusion problem through different viewing facets from the micro (NGOs, civil initiatives and organizations) to the macro (government institutions) level. It is important to point out various issues, such as for example communication issues between macro and micro levels of perspectives from different institutions, in order to promote awareness of the enormity of the situation. Moreover, the project provokingly addresses public audiences outside the Roma community by comparing the tremendous differences in granted rights, opportunities and privileges, thereby encouraging a discourse on how people from in- and outside the community are affected by the issue.

There are the serious issues which are generated mostly in marginalised groups, on the Balkan Peninsula, mainly in Roma communities. Focusing on three main issues that Roma communities mostly encounter suffering with - healthcare, education and housing, we address the struggles of being undocumented, to provoke attention from the society and further discourse about the topic with the help of interdisciplinary studies, artistic research and interviews with different institutions and experts.

The motivation for the project stemmed from the overarching interest of the team members to focus on societal problems that are very distinct, have been institutionalized for decades and are prominent in our daily lives. As one of the most ignored societal problems especially in Eastern Europe the issue also touches the lives and societal surroundings of a great number of people living in Europe.


SS 2018
Mariya Tsaneva
Julijana Rosoklija
Violet Dayhun Kim
Gerald Cirilo Reyes