Tourism Talks 1-3

Social Design Studio

In the framework of the Tourism Talks series we deepen topics of tourism with regard to Social Design activities. To this end, three Tourism Talks were organized in the summer term to discuss with invited guests, students and interested participants in the tourism realm how tourism at the interface of arts, architecture, cultural studies, and other c/should be rethought.

(c) Renate Mihatsch

(c) Katarina Soskic


Tourism as such appears as a paradox phenomenon, fluctuating between enriching aesthetic, sensual, (inter)cultural experiences of leisure and devastating effects of overtourism resulting in cultural appropriation, precarious employment situations and ecological destruction. In each of the talks different aspects of these inherent contradictions were addressed. In her performative reading Katarina Šoškić researched on “the cracks in the tourism phenomena” through her photographic work on tourist zones in coastal Europe, in the neighbourhood and on pictures that transport one back to a memory of family vacation. Jakob Travnik presented the concept of nanotourism and its related summer school projects as a creative critique of contemporary tourism and the aim to demonstrate sustainable alternatives. With Philipp Furtenbach’s artistic approach to stage touristic infrastructure like a theatrical production, projects such as Hotel Konkurrenz visualize, question, interrupt and manipulate tourism routines and conventional roles of hosts and guests. Starting from his personal experience of growing up in a winter centre of mass tourism, Theo Deutinger talked about the vast technical infrastructure (snow canons, retention lakes and highways) beneath the snowy, scenic surface of mountains and rustic ski huts to guarantee a smooth touristic experience and he also discussed how to take advantage of such necessities for the international contemporary art festival minus20degree. The discussions illustrated how approaches of arts, architecture, social design etc. provide new perspectives.

New questions and unexpected answers will be further elaborated and continued in the Social Design studio.

22 April 2021 - Tourism Talk I with Katarina Šoškić

27 May 2021 - Tourism Talk II with Jakob Travnik and Philipp Furtenbach

10 June 2021 - Tourism Talk II with Theo Deutinger

Summer Semester 2021
Social Design Studio