The Aura of Revolution

Jana Alaraj, La Schandré Coetzee, Sebastian Kraner

The Aura of Revolution aims to connect with and investigate different forms of protest and change-making. Through artistic methods and low threshold tools the project plants seeds of solidarity and connects like-minded thinkers towards a state of being active for positive social change.

Protesters in the street

Photo by Sebastian Kraner

Through interaction with the public and building connections with change makers mainly in Iceland and Vienna but also worldwide, the project has attempted to investigate what it takes for a populace to get active and how solidarity can be fostered in a world that seems polarized and unjust.

What is the future of changemaking?

Through close work with protesters in Iceland we have won an intimate insight in the process of protest, its successes and failures. By collection of experiences, moods and accounts we have managed to explore what a potential future of changemaking could look like. This body of information served as inspiration for our interventions in public space and led to the development of a blog which offers like-minded thinkers access to tools and information on the topic. The Aura of Revolution is only a starting point and our newly founded platform will serve as a link and catalyzer for ideas and action. Let’s explore, find common grounds and unite in a struggle for a more equal world.

Summer 2016
Vienna/ Reykjavík
Jana Alaraj
La Schandré Coetzee
Sebastian Kraner