The Staircase Choir

Magdalena Hubauer, Pavel Naydenov und Raphael Volkmer

The Staircase Choir is a project of the democratically organised Construction Choir Collective, which is open to trained and inexperienced singers alike. For the time of a concert, places of everyday transit are transformed into unexpectedly atmospheric stages by filling them with the collective’s multi-faceted vocal repertoire.

The 30 members of the Construction Choir Collective are organised democratically. All members take artistic decisions together and feel obliged to show solidarity with each other and with society as a whole. The jointly conceived projects attempt to temporarily activate spaces that are usually closed or difficult to access (such as staircases) or public places like parks, streets, entrance areas, etc. to open them up to a wider audience, making them perceptible through sound.

The Staircase Choir in particular uses the acoustics of staircases as extremely high rooms to create a special atmosphere that is not only appealing but also a vocal challenge for the singers. The concerts attract residents of the house and guests and the shared experience opens up new views of the shared space and the respective neighbourhood. The coming and going of people shapes the space and enhances the acoustic experience. After all, the more bodies in a room, the more subdued and rounded the sounds.

© Construction Choir Collective

© Construction Choir Collective

© Construction Choir Collective

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January 2020
Magdalena Hubauer
Pavel Naydenov und Raphael Volkmer