Space Language

Evgeniia Kozlova

The language of space is a very large and important layer that helps us to exist and survive, but which we often do not notice. This is a project about communication that we understand without a language-based system. I am focusing on analyzing my own experience in Vienna.

(c) EvgeniiaKozlova 

(c) Yue Hu

How do I understand this city? Where do I get lost most often and where are visual communications absent or help me little? What am I doing so as not to get lost in such places?

Having asked myself these questions, I realized that I experience almost no difficulties in walking from the outskirts to the center or along a straight street. Most often, it is difficult for me to navigate the alleys, of which there are a lot in Vienna. If there is no dominant form, e.g. a church or a building of different height, I always get almost instantly lost. It took me about a month to remember where I need to turn into my alley, but I still get lost finding the house my friend lives in and whom I regularly visit. Every time I go to see her, she looks out of the window after I have left and calls me on the mobile if I am taking a wrong direction.

How can I remember a road in such places? Can I somehow mark the road or do I need to develop my own orientation system? Could my experience be useful to other people?

Summer Semester 20/21
Evgeniia Kozlova