Sound & Solder

David Scheßl and Danny Nedkova

A self replicating synthesizer

The installation inscribes itself in the tradition of the Synthesizer-Do-It-Yourself (SDIY) scene and is based on shared knowledge. The work provides detailed instructions and all the necessary plans to rebuild it. Not only did we base it on replicating existing open source designs, but the elements of the installation are multiplying themselves by etching new circuit boards.

The project shows the importance of the SDIY (Synthesizer-Do-It-Yourself) community, who creates an enormous database of specific knowledge through online exchange. This community was the key to learn all the technical skills needed to build this installation. We were able to expand our knowledge and contribute to the community. We have created a new format of synthesizers, which illuminate the inside of homemade circuits. The installation shows what is possible to develop with the help of the SDIY community.

The soundscape produced by the installation deepens as the installation expands, mirroring how shared knowledge in the SDIY community is constantly growing by iteration. The installation follows the community’s principles by building on several of its existing open source projects, including basic elements of sound generation like sound source, amplification, sound shaping and sound effect. It also upholds these principles by sharing the knowledge produced. The installation was also conceived to uncover the process of electronic sound production. This happens by exposing the components, and showing the process of etching circuit boards live.

Winter Semester 20/21
David Scheßl and Danny Nedkova