Politics of fear consists of a series of interventions in public spaces. Starting in different Austrian cities, the series is being implemented where needed. The project is an artistic research-based survey that illustrates current fears and worries, and tries to collectively overcome them by creating interactions, links and common ground, as well as by listening as political a(rt)ction.

Black wooden box on public space

Herbert-Bayer-Platz, Linz, Sept 2016 | Photo: Alessia Scuderi

As a general startegy, after each action the PoF- collective finds means for a further interventional utilization (public furniture, sculptures, local necessities...) of collected fears (in form of the used materials) in a participatory process with people of the city - with the aim to create social spaces that stimulate interpersonal interactions to facilitate the deconstruction of fears through the emergence of new points of contact.

For we are not afraid of fear!

Recent Actions

In September 2016, the Herbert-Bayer-Platz in the city center of Linz became the showcase of a two-day artistic intervention into public space. Everybody was invited to participate – Children and Grown-ups – to leave their traces in the city. Because the city belongs to all of us! For the intervention the collective build up a Black Box of fear which was placed at a central square. Passers-by were invited to enter the Black Box and start a conversation with the fears they find inside.

27. + 28. September 2016 | 15-18.00h

A cooperation of Social Design_Arts As Urban Innovation // Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien with gfk Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik OÖ and afo architekturforum oberösterreich

*Das Projekt POLITICS OF FEAR borgt sich den Titel des gleichnamigen Buchs der Soziolinguistin Ruth Wodak. Die Autorin analysiert die Strategien rechtspopulistischer Parteien und zeigt, dass durch die bewusste Desinformation und Präsentation falscher Fakten sowie phantasierter Bedrohungen gezielt Ängste geschürt werden.

March 2016 - current
Alessia Scuderi
Jana Alaraj
Milly Reid
Enrico Tomassini
Sebastian Kraner
Karolína Plášková
Julia Wohlfahrt
LaSchandré Coetzee
Michel Gölz
Virginia Lui
Sassan Bahmanabadi
Ruth Mateus-Berr
Martin Färber
Christina Schraml
Ulduz Ahmadzadeh