Oskar nimmt Platz

Alessia Scuderi, Lena Kohlmayr

A two-months-program framework invites collaborative programming of Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz.

The project “Oskar nimmt Platz: eine Baustelle für öffentliche Angelegenheiten” proposes the square in front of the University of applied Arts to be transformed into a traffic-free-zone to create an interface between the Angewandte and the general public hosting different programs and event formats.

The project deals with the role of public space and specifically Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz, as a square in front of a university - seen historically an important site of political expression and public gathering. “Oskar nimmt Platz” aims at prototyping forms of collaborative programming of and in public space. Different media and participation formats are used towards a series of events and artistic installations for a two-months-intervention.

The project is framed around thematic areas of interests (public space, public goods, digitalisation, informal education, democracy, etc.) which were chosen because of their significance for the social design discourse and relevance in nowadays society.

Alessia Scuderi
Lena Kohlmayr
www.angewandte.ac.at www.socialdesign.ac.at