Full Height 90% Black Strikethrough – Night Walk II

Peter Oroszlány, David Scheßl, Alessia Scuderi

Nights in Vienna are especially long in autumn. Darkness overcomes the day early, sleepless nights might become endless, especially when being surrounded by nature and walking towards a somewhat familiar cityscape. For the second time, we set out to the outskirts of Vienna in search of the unknown, introducing the new generation of Social Designers to Vienna’s secrets.

There is no better way to break the ice between “strangers” than get them do something together over a longer period of time. If this something is an endlessly long walk through the night in a city many have little knowledge of, then it is done! A common experience is created, emotions are shared, friendships are born. Previously unknown people become a sworn team at the end of the day (or should we better say the night?)!

While last year we explored the far west of Vienna – a distance on foot from the Wotruba Church back to the city center – this year it was time to move to the far east and discover the new development area of Aspern-Seestadt in the 22nd district. Once again, with a welcome ritual taking place in a church – this time the less canonical and former Notkirche (1946-1969), which in recent years was moved to Donaustadt and transformed into an art gallery – we led the new generation of Social Designers on an unconventional and challenging pilgrimage to a part of the city where only the most boldest of us have ever been. Housing complexes, construction sites, extensive empty spaces – this is what we saw on our way back to the well-known city before we crossed the Danube and walked for a few hours on the Donauinsel, accompanied by a humid and cold breeze and a few brave birds.

It would be reductive to report what a wonderful experience it was, once again. A night walk is always different and always something special. Only the rules remain the same each time: no phones, no watches, no maps, no means of transportation, no photos (only disposable cameras). Where will our next exploration take us? Stay awake and come along!

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Autumn 2019
Peter Oroszlány
David Scheßl
Alessia Scuderi