Dilruba Erkan, Péter Oroszlány, Stéphane Clor

MusikRaumGarage invites musicians and performers three levels under the paved streets of Vienna to reinterpret the space of the WIPARK Garage Freyung. The cooperation between WIPARK and Angewandte Students is aiming to shift the unilateral usage of the underground parking lot. The weekly events could be followed via streaming.

Photo: Peter Oroszlany

Photo: Peter Oroszlany

Photo: Elli Mümmler

Photo: Elli Mümmler

Photo: Peter Oroszlany

Photo: Peter Oroszlany


The concept elaborated by Dilruba Erkan and Péter Oroszlány originates from the idea of using family garages as rehearsal rooms. Re-using the idea of the garage as an off-space for creation, MusikRaumGarage gives musicians access to experiment with the particular sound qualities of an underground parking lot. The raw acoustics of the concrete halls completed by the sound of bypassing cars defines the unique qualities of the performance space.

MusikRaumGarage is part of the project KunstRaumGarage, which was initiated by WiPARK in cooperation with departure (Bettina Leidl) and the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Barbara Putz-Plecko). It is curated by Barbara Holub, and takes place in Garage Freyung and in Votivpark-Garage. The garage as a formal context for art projects, which are reflecting on the fundamental questions about mobility, allows to address relevant topics surrounding urban public places.

2015 September – 2016 June
Garage Freyung
Vienna 1
Péter Oroszlány
Stéphane Clor (TransArts)
Dilruba Erkan Barbara Holub (transparadiso)
Suzanna Arazli (WIPARK)
Claudia Kruzik (WIPARK)