Magical Thinking

Ana - Marija Vašiček

By placing the imaginary of tarot cards into a contemporary context, the project plays with the traditional symbols of the cards and their actual counterparts. It is a search for the ever-repeating narrative that is simultaneously collective and still deeply personal, as each one of us is a protagonist – a fool on the journey of life.

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In the context of geopolitically, economically and environmentally unstable times old adopted and newly generated forms of magical beliefs and practices are returning. As research shows, younger generations are absorbing both scientific facts and magical thinking for their orientation. Through technology they are able to contribute to an ever-growing knowledge database of magical methods, practices and symbols, to connect with others and to form new (sub)cultural groups, some of which are rapidly growing in numbers. Combined with (Western) culture of individualism and constant self-improvement, traditional forms of symbolic practices and mythology are often fused with motivational and practical advices to help modern day magicians to improve their relationships, cope with stressful periods and navigate through the complexity of contemporary life. Using magical thinking as a broad term to cover a spectrum of interconnected phenomena, the project is focused on tracing the origins of established spiritual and cultural rituals, symbols and archetypes, and on seeing how they transformed through time and adapted to new contexts. Using tarot cards both as a tool for research and as a final outcome, the project puts an emphasis on visual symbolism and iconology of classical card imaginary, and questions their relevance in present day times. The visual presentation of archetypes is deconstructed and reconstructed, and the old narrative of the “Fool’s journey“ is transported into present times: What are the new challenges, opportunities and obstacles waiting on the road ahead?

Summer Semester 20/21
Ana - Marija Vašiček