Let's face it!

Catalin Betz, Sophie Bösker, Citlali Gómez Escobar

Climate change threatens the survival of every species on Earth. Policymakers are not yet acting efficiently to combat climate change and the effects of globalization are even driving it forward. To address this, we developed a Code of Conduct, which acts as guidelines based on compensations and which show the absurdity of human behaviour regarding this global emergency.

Although many people are very concerned and engaged in the battle against climate change, they usually have something in common: a certain absurdity in terms of their behaviour. That is, even if they are aware about how to do it the right way, they often do not act accordingly. Instead of facing it, they try to resolve the contradiction to reduce their individual discomfort: “I’m separating my garbage, that's why I can afford to fly to Asia, even though I’m conscious about the bad impact related to climate change.”

While governments fail to bring about changes in this way, the objective of this project is to reduce individual emissions and only cause zero effect on climate change. To accomplish this, we created a Code of Conduct with guidelines that accompanies the individual user through an extensive list of climate sins and potential compensations. These guidelines are dealing with our inner indulgences. It is not realistic to stop all harmful behaviour, but we do not need to abandon all hope. You only have to follow some easy principles, such as the following: “If you go on a skiing trip and drive from Vienna to Puchberg am Schneeberg and back, you produce 30,2 kg of CO2. To compensate these emissions, you simply must not heat your apartment in wintertime for 18 days.”


(c) Let's Face it


(c) Let's Face it


June 2019
Catalin Betz
Sophie Bösker
Citlali Gómez Escobar