Learning Room - Tanulószoba

Péter Oroszlány, Cosima Terrasse

The travelling installation is showcasing the correlation between poverty and learning for kids in Hungary. The work was created and shown in the context of a campaign by the Associations for Democratic Youth of Hungary.


25% of the children in Hungary are living under poor conditions. In the homes of 170.000 children there are no toilets, while 200.000 children even live in flats without electricity or light. It is impossible for them to learn and write their homework under these conditions. The public education system seems to have forsaken the future of these young people.

The goal of “learning room” is to raise attention to the needs of these children, in order to stop the process of their irreversible marginalization. The public installation is part of an action campaign with the goal of explaining, in an interactive way, how poverty is the source of dysfunctional development in children, and it aims to mobilize citizens towards changing the situation.

Winter 2015
Péter Oroszlány
Cosima Terrasse