kleine stiege

Fabian Ritzi and Raphael Volkmer

The kleine stiege is a vehicle and small mobile stage for actions in public space. It is a living prototype – it can be rebuilt, extended and changed for your purposes. After months of restraint and restrictions, we finally want to take the initiative again and reanimate public space.

The idea of the kleine stiege was born in the winter of 2020/21 as a reaction to the continuing restrictions related to COVID-19. Instead of moping around, we started to imagine together how we could revive public space after Corona with small actions. In the process, the kleine stiege emerged as a living prototype – ready for the street and your actions. Staircases have long fascinated us as social places for people to come together. Designed to overcome both inclines from A to B and declines under several living conditions, they are often intuitively and productively misused. Inspired by that, the small staircase should enable such moments and places of socialising and togetherness.

Winter Semester 20/21
Fabian Ritzi and Raphael Volkmer