Kanal 10 — a visual bridge

Lena Kohlmayr, Asia Valencic

A project which aims to reconnect the neighborhood to the river through storytelling.

The project “Kanal 10” – named after the radio frequency used by ships on the Danube – aims to reconnect the river to the area of the Knautschzone and the city by revealing its stories and interconnections. Handelskai 214, as one of the social housing complexes in the area facing the Danube, shows its disconnection to the river even spatially through unfinished bridges built towards the riverside. These bridges will be established in the course of the project, through translations of features of the river into an exhibition in the under-used ground floor. While collecting materials the topic of living together became tangible as a connecting element between life on a boat and life in a densely built social housing. People working and living on a boat become temporary residents, while their community presents a specific collaborative way of living together. The collected information and content draw a new image of the Danube and its relations to be revealed in an exhibition and a publication.


“Unfinished bridges at Handelskai 214”, images © Lena Kohlmayr, June 2017

“The public installation at the site” images © Lena Kohlmayr, June 2017


Handelskai 214
Urban Knautschzone
Lena Kohlmayr
Asia Valencic