Improper Reactions for Inappropriate Comments

Stella Krausz

I am looking for “bodily reactions” as (initially) unexpected responses to react to discriminatory situations and thus represent a kind of “direct processing” as well as a defense against what the discriminating counterpart has said.


In situations in which we are discriminated, we tend to freeze. Afterwards, we often have to process emotions and feel angry that we did not find the perfect reaction in the moment of a discriminatory situation.

The project Improper Reactions for Inappropiate Comments aims to find non-verbal (but physical) answers to an expressed comment. Depending on the spoken attack I am trying to find the connection between the verbal allusion and the body. What part of us has been attacked? What are the physical emotional consequences of the attack? By answering these questions I am developing movements choreographically. Within the movements I am trying to find the thin line between irritation, paradox and defense.

The accompanying film captures different scenes and explains them in form of a written title, followed by a short video for each situation in which the movements are represented as answers in differing discriminating sentences.

Summer Semester 20/21
Stella Krausz