Handy made

Violet Dahyun Kim, Nathalia Portella, Asia Valencic

Handy made represents a moment of intermission in a hyper-connected everyday life.

As the author James Katz writes in his book Perpetual contact: mobile communication, private talk, public performance: "They [mobile phones] have transformed social relations and changed the way we interact, yet surprisingly we have little perception on their effect in our lives."

The project aims to raise awareness and to initiate a critical discussion about the profound interconnection between individuals and digital technologies and its resulting psychological effects.

In an attempt of helping people to better cope with nomophobia - namely the anxiety provoked by the separation from mobile devices - we delivered a series of products shaped in form of smart-phones which would disappear through their use. Materials like glycerine and wax turned out to be the most suitable within such a scope, as soaps and candles not only vanish, but also engaged people in off-line activities usually related to leisure and self-care.


“The final prototype handed out to the public”, photo by Asia Valencic


“Staged picture of the final prototype”, photo by Asia Valencic


Winter Semester 2017
Violet Dahyun Kim
Nathalia Portella and Asia Valencic