From Othering to Intersection

Julijana Rosoklija, Pavel Naydenov, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes

The project “From Othering to Intersection” tackled the topic of physical disabilities and the challenges that arise from “othering”. The objective of the project revolved around the key question of how can we create a “WE” beyond shallow stereotypes?

The project “From Othering to Intersection” sets out to address the subject of physical disabilities. The goal was to create an eye to eye level through conversations within a common, shared, safe space without any taboos, fears and discrimination, in which people with and without serious physical impairments can sit together and have a free and open exchange. Thereby, we wanted to pave a path from othering (social division through the creation of categories according to gender, race and disability) to intersection (a crossing between two imagined spaces – meaning communities of people – in which these entities find a common ground).

How can we create a „WE“ beyond shallow stereotypes? What are experiences and interests we share? How do we relate to each other and what is the potential of an intersection?

By visualizing experiences and contents of talks between the members of the team and people with and without disabilities, professionals and activists in the field through videos and drawings and by applying mapping as an artistic strategy we intended to reflect the findings of this project and thereby wish to encourage understanding and acceptance, erase the fear of interaction, show the universality of human experiences and everyday struggles, challenge political correctness, deal with the uncomfortable, break the barriers of communication, question standards of living, beauty, economics and quality of life, which are crucial for our individual and societal growth.


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© From Othering To Intersection


© From Othering To Intersection


January 2019
Julijana Rosoklija
Pavel Naydenov
Gabriela Urrutia Reyes