Fluxum Mirum

Hana Križanová, David Haselberger

The fluxum mirum is a new non- biological species, a Viennese city organism that everyone is part of and has influence on. Using an app, you raise it, feed it and discover your impact on the whole system.

fluxum mirum web

Cities are such complex structures that it seems as if they were alive. This project examines the idea of the city of Vienna as a non-biological but still living organism called fluxum mirum - at the same time a space for living and part of ourselves. Through a mobile phone application, citizens feed fluxum mirum with their personal stories about the space e.g. their memories or suggestions for improvements in different categories and become local experts with increasing interaction.

Citizens become local experts with increasing interaction.

The fluxum mirum organism reacts to user’s input, interaction, memories and experiences - it changes shape. The impact on the complete structure is made visible to the users in their respective personal perception as well as in total (combined with all the other users). Tracking the local atmospheres can help refocus the attention, concentrate on problematic areas and work with concrete local experts on solving local space issues. Similar patterns of user interaction, similar tag patterns (e.g. two categories that are repeatedly tagged within short time) and similar memories may reveal hidden resemblances between spaces that do not correspond at first glance or contain little-known patterns of problem development.

Offering a new simplified way of perceiving one’s own role in such a complex city system should help to empower citizens to take action and become conscious about their mutual interconnection, shared experiences, opinions and perceive the embedding of their own actions in bigger correlation.

Summer 2016
Hana Križanová
David Haselberger